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Apps for Android and Apple Devices

Based on the proven Fun learning method

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NTScience Word Search helps children develop their science vocabulary by hunting for hundreds of scientific key words in a series of 36 customisable word search puzzles.
The app helps children remember hundreds of key words that will come up in science classes and tests mainly between ages 11 and 14. Three visual skins are available: Fridge magnet style, golden tiles and super clear with custom background colour. The latter style has been shown to help children on the dyslexic spectrum.
Word search puzzle sizes between 8 x 8 and 14 x 14 letters make the app fit a wide range of device size and have a wide range of difficulty.
Choose capital, lower-case, or fridge magnet style letter display for a greater challenge.
Catchy background music that increases in pace through the game, cheerful sound effects and graphics makes the app addictive.
36 customisable word search puzzles
Hundreds of science key words mainly for 11-14 year olds
Fridge magnet, golden tiles and crystal clear letter styles
UPPER and lower case option
Catchy theme tune and sound effects

Available from the Google Play Store - just 99p!

Available soon from the Amazon and Apple App Stores - just 99p!


Apple app on iTunes

Android app on Google Play

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