9a - Inheritance and selection

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1. Choosing particular animals or plants to breed together to produce the next generation. (9)

3. A chemical made in a plant or animal that regulates growth and development. (7)

5. Section of DNA that contains the information about a particular trait. (4)

7. A particular distinctive feature of a plant or animal. (14)

11. Farm animals selectively bred for efficient meat or milk production. (6)

12. How an animal or plant species changes over time in order to survive in its habitat. (10)

13. A fine powder produced by flowering plants that contains male reproductive cells. (6)

15. The surroundings in which all animals and plants live. (11)

16. Domestic pet originally selectively bred from wolves. (3)

17. Sorting out different living things into ordered groups. (14)


2. Acquire charcteristics from a parent. (7)

3. The natural home of a particular plant or animal. (7)

4. A single stage in the evolutionary descent of a group of animals or plants. (10)

6. Differences in characteristics within a particular species. (9)

8. X shaped structures in a cell nucleus made up of coiled up DNA. (10)

9. Variations that can take any value, like height or weight. (10)

10. A genetically determined inherited characteristic. (5)

14. Long molecule that contains all the information needed to make a plant or animal. (3)


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