9c - Plants

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1. Green substance in a chloroplast that converts light energy to chemical energy. (11)

4. Underground plant organ that takes up water and minerals from the soil. (4)

8. Flat, green organ adapted to collect as much light as possble to make food for the plant. (6)

11. Mineral needed for making amino acids and proteins. (7)

13. Chemical ions needed for healthy plant growth. (8)

14. A living producer - converts light energy to chemical energy. (5)

16. Mineral needed by the enzymes used in photosynthesis and respiration. (9)


2. Process used by green plants to convert light energy to chemical energy. (14)

3. Chemicals added to the soil in order to ensure healthy plant growth. (10)

4. Specialised cell on a root that has a large surface area for efficient absorption of water and minerals(4,4). (8)

5. Tiny structures in a palisade cell that contain chlorophyll. (11)

6. The characteristic colour of chlorophyll. (5)

7. Principal root. (7)

9. Part of the plant that transports water and food and keeps the plant upright. (4)

10. Mineral needed for reactions involving photosynthesis and respiration. (9)

12. Tall plant cell in a leaf that is adapted to collect light efficiently. (8)

15. Plant organ that stores energy underground for at least one new bud. (4)


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