Numeracy Worksheets

Here are some numeracy strategy worksheets. Each pdf file contains a set of 7 matched sheets: Answers; standard questions; five sets partially obscured with ants, elephants, cars, pigs and fish. Right click the pdf icon and choose “save target as”. All of the puzzles and games are free¬†to print out. If you would like the complete website on CD please visit the purchase page.

Numeracy Worksheets Subtraction worksheet
Download Subtraction Worksheets
Subtraction worksheet PDF
Numeracy Worksheets Mul-Numeracy worksheet
Download Multiplication Worksheets
Mul-Numeracy worksheet PDF
Numeracy worksheets Division numeracy
Download Division Worksheets
Division numeracy PDF
Numeracy worksheets Add Maths Numeracy Strategy Worksheet
Download Addition Worksheets
Add Maths Numeracy Strategy Worksheet PDF

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