Science Curriculum

Here are the present UK KS3 science Units arranged in an order that represents their distance from a young learner’s world-experience. The units are broadly grouped into Biology (green), chemistry (blue) and physics (orange) related topics. Notice how some conceptually challenging topics (like the particle description of matter), are introduced early in the standard scheme timetable. I have included an editable version in MS Word format should you wish to suggest changes.

Science Curriculum current-ks3-units1024

Perhaps it is time to revise the scheme to improve its relevance to living in the modern world. I suggest three broad themes of Health, Technology and Environment, encompassing topics that will be used in a normal working adult life. There is again an editable version in MS Word format. Parts of the current schem can be introduced as appropriate.


Building and Construction
Transport, Commuting and Navigation
Factories and Manufacturing
Electrical Engineering
Electricity Generation
Energy conservation
Computing and Electronics
Climate Change
Space exploration
Materials science


Forests and Forestry
Fishing and Fisheries
Waste disposal and recycling
Ecological Relationships


Health and Fitness
Health Care and Medicine
Disabilities and Enabling Technologies
Medical Self-help and First Aid
Food and Digestion

Science Curriculum proposed-ks3-units1024