Teaching resources for science teachers

Students of all ages and abilities enjoy word search puzzles . The puzzles can be used as homework exercises and vocabulary builders. Extension work to the word search puzzles can include choosing five words from the list and using them in full sentences with their correct scientific meanings. Students can also be asked to write a paragraph on five of the words, using books or the Internet as information sources. Students can also be asked to pick just one word and make a postcard sized mini-poster on the subject. The mini-posters from a whole class can be assembled to form an attractive and informative display.

Find-the puzzles are useful as a starter activity, especially if a data projector is used. Students have to concentrate and to know their symbols in order to solve the puzzles quickly. Suggestions for additional topics are welcome.

Crossword puzzles are teaching resources better suited to higher ability students who enjoy a challenge. Reading, dcmprehension, and lateral thinking are all tested in these puzzles.

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